Kentucky Facts

  1948 | 75,000+ employed (1). 2015 | 9,000+ employed (1). 2016 | Kentucky dropped from 3rd largest to 5th largest coal producer in U.S. (2). 2016 | 83% of Kentucky’s net electricity generation was coal-fired (2). 2016 | Renewables resources are a small part of KY’s energy, & the state has no renewable energy standard. Largest source is hydroelectric power @ 4% (2).   Prevalence of Adults with Asthma: 16% (3). Heart Disease Deaths: 204 per 100,000 population (3). Less than Adults with Good Health: 23% (3). Total Mortality: 904 per 100,000 population (3).   Why are we sacrificing … Continue reading Kentucky Facts

Community Actions

The city of Louisville has the potential to be one of the greenest, most sustainable cities in the world. One major obstacle is community involvement. When the general public is in agreement, nothing can stop them. Without community involvement Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; Reykjavik, Iceland; Vancouver, Canada; & Copenhagen, Denmark would not be considered the greenest cities in the world. Louisville Metro is committed to creating a sustainability culture, however local municipality can only take the city so far. A truly sustainable city is only capable if residents understand the ideologies & are willing to contribute. Lack of community … Continue reading Community Actions