Stoplights are Laughing


One morning last week, I was driving to work in the early hours. Surrendering to darkness on a two-lane road, encircled by stillness. Eyes directing the motion of the head side to side, admiring the beautiful slumbering trees.

A blotch of red approaches, as I move into anticipation. Gliding down the cold black path, cold sidewalks bloated from breath in the foreground of lifeless houses. The speck of red grows, finally demanding respect at the intersection.

Adjusting from side to side in my seat, I look around. Surrounded by nothing, no cars, no people, no lights, nothing. I haven’t seen another car this morning.

Looking at my watch, looking at my car clock, how long have I been siting here? Why is this light not changing? Maybe I should just run the light. Looking to the right, left, behind, straight, nothing, no cars anywhere.

Ok here I go I put the car in reverse backup 10 feet, put the car in drive pull up 15 feet. Problem solved. Another few minutes go by. Lets try it again. As I put the car in reverse, I’m flooded with green.

Raise your hand if you have been in this position.

Stoplights do not need to be operational 24/7 in certain neighborhoods. If an intersection doesn’t have traffic late at night, early in the morning, in the afternoon, why are the stoplights commanding respect?

It’s wasting the city’s money, waste of time for people, unnecessary for the air, & a waste of time for the police force.

Numerous solutions exist for improving this wasteful, annoyance. The simplest, turn off stoplights during nonpeak hours. Obviously this can’t be incorporated in all areas, but in neighborhoods lacking traffic, turn off the lights.

Another solution would be a timing system functioning properly. Why do lights need to stay green for a period of time, if there is only one car?

Better solutions.


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