Pedestrian Accessibility

Downtown Louisville, Kentucky desires growth. It will only be achieved by encouraging, nurturing connections to neighboring communities. Jeffersonville, Indiana is a short distance from downtown Louisville; unfortunately an efficient, safe access for pedestrians does not exist.

Clark Memorial Bridge (2nd Street Bridge) provides automobile accessibility, however the pedestrian safety is another issue. It currently has two sidewalks, but it also has four lanes of traffic. I would walk across the bridge, but I would not ride my bike across.

Louisville is promoting pedestrian accessibility for the city, but not for peripheral communities. This is happening through more bike lanes, improved crossings, green spaces, etc., but it is not enough. A comprehensive pedestrian accessibility is essential, not a faux enthusiasm to a pedestrian environment.

One simple solution is dedicating one lane on the 2nd Street Bridge to pedestrians, See Figure 1. This would allow individuals to feel comfortable while walking, running, & biking across the Ohio River. More people = more money in the local economy.

Three lanes will be dedicated to traffic; two will flow with traffic, while one is for the opposite direction. Anyone that has been on this bridge understands during heavy traffic, the traffic is only heading in one direction. The other two lanes are typically empty.

Great ideas are beginning to take shape in the area, which will improve the quality of life on average. I think more is required, if the quality of life is going to improve for all residents. Comprehensive solutions!!

The mindset should be proactive, not reactive. We need a new ideological growth cycle. A direction exploding the antiquated tunnel vision of current ‘visionaries.’ Solutions willing to go against the normalcy of antiquated policies.

Lets focus on a direction that improves the quality of life for all residents.

Figure 1: 2nd Street bridge with three lanes for traffic & plenty of space for pedestrian activity.
Figure 1: 2nd Street bridge with three lanes for traffic & plenty of space for pedestrian activity.

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