Why don’t we try something new?


The midterms elections are over; it’s time to focus on issues burdening this country. New faces have risen to accompany the old faces, while the power has shifted between the Republicans & Democrats. Currently the media is focusing on how & why this happened, I say……….who cares. Lets move forward. I am interested in solutions, not endless complaining with empty promises. Lets try something different as a country, uniting instead of dividing?

I chose not to let a label describe my beliefs, however they usually sway in one direction. Labels only create a crutch. Why do we need to be labeled a democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, what ever? This is dividing the country, creating a division that is leading to a country declining instead of a country improving. Lets try something new, vote for the issues you believe in, not what your label tells you.

The public needs to speak as one & demand improvement for this country. Focusing on issues that will improve the quality of life as a whole, not just for a selected group. Lets concentrate on bringing this great country back to prominence. One major obstacle for this country & world is our habitual dependence on fossil fuels. Forced upon us from all angles. Lets try something new, breaking our habitual dependence on fossil fuels.

It’s not going to be easy. Transformation is in order, for the country needs to move in this direction. It will take sacrifice, but if the public decides to speak as one the sacrifices will be shared across the masses. Ultimately leading to a stronger more unified country & a beautiful world. Let’s try something new, minor sacrifices lead to unification.

Big oil should not be allowed to choose our path. Unfortunately, society is bound by our addiction to fossil fuels. Allowing for the decisions to be dictated by individuals that care more about maximizing monetary gains than individual’s health. Let’s speak as one by standing up to fossil fuel companies, government, & anyone telling us fossil fuels is the only way or it will be impossible to switch. My answer to that is, bullshit! How can we not afford to change our habits? We need to think long-term solutions, not short term. Is it really more important to continue relying on an archaic source for our convenience or should we compromise for our future?

Why don’t we try something new?

Points of Thought:

  • The average annual subsidization of fossil fuels from the United States is more that 13x greater than the average annual subsidization for renewable energy (Energy Fact Check).
  • $775 billion to more than $1 trillion: Total value of conventional global fossil fuel subsides in 2012 (World Watch Institute).
  • $66 billion: Total subsidies for renewable energy in 2010, a 10% increase from the previous year (World Watch Institute).

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