Louisville’s Need for Mass Transit

Figure 1: Transit routes throughout Louisville’s area.

Louisville is in transition. What happens in the next decade will have everlasting effects for the direction of this region. Numerous ideas are creating positive change for small groups, but the city requires change affecting all. Accessibility is essential for the city. Louisville must become a catalyst for inspirational city growth that is financially, socially, & environmentally relevant.

Growth needs to serve the community, environment, & economy by creating a comprehensive, integrated, truly multidisciplinary city, where the societal wellbeing is within the context of a low carbon living & resource security. Quality of life transcending all imbalances is derived from both local & distant systems.

Population growth will cause our habitual fascination with automobiles to create acute stress, more congestion on the current infrastructure. Our leadership can continue making choices leading to future degradation of opportune real estate or set the city up for encouraging growth. These difficult choices permit Louisville to evolve into a model of sustainable growth, by creating opportunities improving quality of life.

This will happen if the city invests in a more pedestrian friendly city by creating a truly multimodal system where all forms of transportation work cohesively. Focus needs to be put on a mass transit system (MTS) designed specifically for the city of Louisville. It might be a combination of light rail, personal rapid transit (PRT), commuter rail, buses, & eventually a high-speed transit. Ideally controlling the sprawl of car friendly structures by keeping prime real estate available for prosperity. Dissolving the fragmented flow currently existing between neighborhoods, strengthening individualism while solidifying the city’s collective power.

An established MTS would allow individuals to move freely throughout the confinements, exposing comprehensive interactions & opportunities not currently available. Increasing accessibility facilitates the flow of ideas, which leads to growth. An established MTS would connect the city leading to an improved quality of life for all residents, i.e., stronger economy, cleaner air, less congestion, flow of ideas. The possibilities are endless.

Below are possible ideas of a MTS in Louisville.

Figure 2: Section through one of the corridors.
Figure 3: PRT on Market Street at night.
Figure 4: Section through Bardstown Road.
Figure 5: Transit running the I-65 Corridor across the Ohio River.
Figure 6: Transit running the I-71 Corridor.

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